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In-situ performance checking of 'heritage' ABB and Fischer & Porter magmeters now available!


We can now offer on-site performance checks and adjustments on a range of heritage magmeters with remote signal converters / transmitters


The routine involves disconnecting the existing primary (sensor) at either the transmitter terminal blocks or at the sensor where access allows. A calibrated simulator is then used to inject a flow signal back into the transmitter. The system tests the coil drive from the transmitter as well as any input circuitry without the need to remove any electronics from it's normal operating locations.




  • Reduced downtime 
  • No requirement to send transmitters off-site for calibration
  • All existing I/O connections (mA, pulse, Profibus, contacts etc.) remain intact, therefore the transmitter performance can be checked from the sensor input point right back to your DCS / SCADA system in one step
  • Sensor coil drive and signal cables can be checked in-situ where access is possible to the sensor terminal housing
  • Ideal for investigating intermittent system problems on individual meters
  • Electronics can be re-calibrated in-situ as required


The following magmeter transmitter models can be checked now, however we are working on new systems to extend this range shortly:


XM1000 series

XM2000 series

XE4000 series

XO1000 series analogue transmitters

50DX1000 series analogue transmitters


Soon to be added:


S4 (Mag-SM) transmitters

SM1000 transmitters

ES7000 'Fill-Mag' transmitters


Please contact us to discuss this service in more detail.



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